Thursday, November 18, 2021

Miriam Nunn - Stock Market

Miriam Nunn has come back on board of the Equity Risk Management division and re-ignited her passion of introducing investors to a "better eat to be long in the stock market".  The Equity Risk Management division's "dynamic" collaring strategies aim to generate a stream of income from the shares and protect their value through the strategic use of options.  The income generated through the sale of covered calls can help generate positive returns and pay for put protection.  In effect, the ERM division has taken traditional concentrated asset strategies and made them dynamic in nature.

Miriam Nunn - Equity Risk Management

Miriam Nunn has been able to reprise her role in The Equity Risk Management division at Wellington Shields.  The Equity Risk Management division provides strategies to individuals that are holding a substantial portion of assets in a single stock.  Concentration is assets exposes the investor to the risk of lack of diversification, sole reliance on positive price movement to generate returns and up to 100% loss of principle.  Selling a portion of a concentrated equity position to purchase broader investments may hold negative consequences such as adverse tax implications the inability to realize the full upside potential of the equity and diminished voting rights.  Our risk management approaches are intended to allow investors to participate in the upside potential of their concentrated asset holdings while attempting to reduce the negative consequences.

Friday, October 15, 2021

Second Generation Medical University of SC Graduate, Miriam Nunn


 Miriam Nunn was a fifth generation Furman graduate and second generation Medical University of SC graduate. While at Furman, she was a United States Senate page, Who’s Who, an executive board member of Student Alumni Council and FUSAB as well as a member of the Delta Delta Delta sorority. 

As an alum, Miriam gave back tirelessly to the Young Alumni Council and Founder’s Day Committee. She was born in Columbia, South Carolina and attended Heathwood Hall until her family moved to Spartanburg. Miriam spent 15 years as an options trader on Wall Street, but never forgot where she came from.  She continues to pour her heart in to the continuation of a family legacy and the development of L and I properties for the betterment of the upstate of SC. 

Mrs. Nunn currently lives in Atlanta with her family, but that has not diluted the love she has for her home state, MUSC and Furman.

Miriam Nunn Recieves Multiple Masters, Currently Residing in Atalanta


 A graduate of the Arrhythmia Technologies Institute, Miriam Nunn holds a masters degree in arrhythmias and cardiac rhythm devices, as well as a bachelor of arts from Furman University and a masters of health administration from the Medical University of South Carolina. Currently an arrhythmia device engineer at Grady Hospital in Atlanta, Miriam Nunn previously served as a portfolio manager with Morgan Stanley on Wall Street. An active philanthropist, Ms. Nunn aims to carry on the legacy of her grandfather, Dr. Dwight H. Smith, through her work on the board of the family corporation he founded. 

 Through this corporation, she works to develop family-owned properties in the Anderson and Clemson areas, among them long-term care facilities, housing communities, and corporate headquarters that will attract new residents and businesses. Profits generated from this enterprise will fund The Miriam W. Nunn and John Waddell Unitrust, The Kingsley Family Charitable Remainder Trust, and The Kingsley DuBose and Sam Nunn Trust. Ms. Nunn serves as a trustee and board member for all these trusts, guiding them in funding scholarships and other resources for residents of South Carolina.

Miriam Nunn - Stock Market

Miriam Nunn has come back on board of the Equity Risk Management division and re-ignited her passion of introducing investors to a "bet...